2007 Notebook: Weak XII
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19 March 2007
No. 3,812 (cartoon)
Do you believe in free will?

Of course, it’s our destiny.

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20 March 2007
Red Spring Omen
At thirsty-thirty, Kara poured me a large glass of vodka, tomato juice, various spices, and ice. So far so good, but here’s the spooky part. Three of the semi-circular pieces of ice floated to the surface to form a triangular aperture, a window into the icy, red, alcoholic reservoir below.

I grabbed the drink and my camera and headed out to the deck to photograph it. And that’s where the problem started. Kara protested that the image was hers, since she poured the drink. I agreed, without pointing out that circles and triangles have always been in the public domain. I avoided a long debate by quickly quaffing the drink, and that was that.

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21 March 2007
Typical of Chinese Glorious History
Theresa gave me a pair of chopsticks for today’s flight; that’s how I’ll get the leftover pasta in my pack out of the plastic container and down my gullet. The idiots charged with providing airport security ignored the wooden implements, as if the bamboo utensils couldn’t easily be sharpened into deadly weapons.

But that’s neither here nor there. Instead, what I found remarkable about my utensils was the notice on their paper wrapper.

    Welcome to Chinese Restaurant.
    please try your Nice Chinese Food With Chopsticks the traditional and typical of Chinese glorious history.
    and cultural

“Glorious,” and the sentence fragment, “and cultural,” were set in a different font, as if the three words were an afterthought.

Inscrutable. Nice!

22 March 2007
Death By Asteroid?
Damn! Just when I was getting relaxed, there’s another story about another asteroid headed for Earth. I’m talking about Apophis, which is supposed to pass closer than some satellites on Friday, the thirteenth of April, 2029. (That date should be of interest to paraskavedekatriaphobiacs and thirteenophiliacs alike.)

I’ve heard similar stories before. In 1998, I read about some astral body that was supposed to crash here in October, 2028. And then in 2000, I heard about SG344, which was to smash us on on 21 September, 2030.

But Apophis—the Egyptian god of darkness and death—seems different. After its reconnaissance flight on 2029, astronomers will be able to determine whether the rock the size of a football stadium will really whap us when it comes around again in 2036.

I use the pronoun “we” loosely, since there’s a good chance I’ll be dead by then. And so, I don’t spend much time worrying about asteroids, or anything else.

23 March 2007
Lary’s Legacy
Lary’s about to have his sixty-seventh birthday, and he’s not doing much art these days. Lary explained that he’d rather be remembered as a drinking buddy than as an artist.

And so, we drank. Lary was right; I’ll already remember him.

24 March 2007
Cheryl’s Great New Dress
Cheryl asked me what I thought of her new dress.

“Looks great!” I opined.

“Really?” she replied skeptically. “I thought you never noticed clothing.”

“I suppose you’re right,” I admitted. “The only reason your frock looks lovely is because you’re in it.”

Cheryl smiled. Having talked my way out of a possible ambush, I smiled too.

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25 March 2007
Twelve San Francisco Hotels
Twelve San Francisco Hotels is this month’s “serious” work, even though it’s not that serious at all. In fact, the piece consists of architectural photographs of the twelve hotels from the board game, Monopoly.

Twelve San Francisco Hotels

    01. Crystal Palace Hotel
    02. The Excelsior
    03. Cosmopolitan Hotel
    04. Ambrosia Hotel
    05. Hotel D’or
    06. Asian Splendor Hotel
    07. Western Empire Hotel
    08. Poseidon Hotel
    09. The Olympian
    10. The Elysian
    11. The Sierra
    12. Hotel Millennium

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