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 Sabine Diptych

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11 June 1997
Sabine Diptych
I made the original photograph of Sabine a year ago. She thought it washorrible. I wonder if she'll like it better after I repeated it and deletedhalf. Probably not.

12 June 1997
Scanning Compost Vapors
Phoebe was explaining her nine compartment composting system. One binwas for acidic compost, another for organic waste, and I forgot what theother seven were. (I'm worthless when it comes to that sort of thing: ifmaking boring artwork is my forte, then gardening is my pianissimo.)

I wasn't particularly interested in the compost bins. The vapors, ofcourse, were another story. (Why is there always another story?) I decidedto slice the vapors and scan the cross-sections but I never got around toit. That's too bad; the vapors were quite lovely.

13 June 1997
Friday the Fearteenth
Nick said I could probably find a seat on today's flight, and he wasright. Here I am on a plane ten kilometers above the ocean with lots ofempty seats. Nick said today would be a good day to fly because superstitiouspeople are afraid to fly on Friday the thirteenth. I'm skeptical about therelationship of Friday the thirteenth to anything since I'm not aware ofany other relationships such as Tuesday the twentieth, Thursday the third,Friday the thirtieth, et cetera.

I've mentioned this to a lot of people, none of whom are superstitiousabout Friday the thirteenth. Actually, that's not quite right. Several peopleassociate the day with positive developments. (I'm not sure if that meansthey're superstitious, positively superstitious, or anti-superstitious.)Julie's the best: she said that since she was born on Friday the thirteenthshe was a thirteenophiliac. (Actually, that's not exactly what she said:she used a Latin name I can't remember. I don't know any Latin, ergo theEnglish approximation.)

14 June 1997
Waste to Art and Back Again
John Random and Ed Leeper wrote a letter to the editor of the CoastWeekly describing their recent art work.

    We bought 91 used bicycles and bicycle parts and turned them intoa work of art that is an 11-foot by 18-foot framed free-standing jumbleof bicycles called "Homage to Henry Miller and Jackson Pollock."Now we are trying to peddle it to the Monterey Peninsula Waste ManagementDistrict as a public art work called "Recycled."

There's a lot to be said for sending art work directly to waste managementofficials instead of using the traditional circuitous route. These ladsare on to something.

15 June 1997
Running Water After Drinking
Suzie said I could spend the night in the living room or in the studiodown the hill. I said I'd prefer the quietness and privacy of the studio.(I didn't mention my phobia about dog oil.) She said that was fine, butthat I should remember there wasn't any running water except in the house.I thought it would be polite not to mention that, in my experience, there'salways running water after drinking.

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16 June 1997
Sultry Bliss
I saw an ad in a San Francisco newspaper illustrated with a photographof a headless woman in a bathing suit, long gloves, and high-heeled shoes.In another San Francisco newspaper, a woman placed a similarly uncommonad:

    SWF seeks young studs for spanking and pie-eating fantasies. Haveown butt plug. Bring pets. Willing to be tied up while I hurl watermelons.

San Francisco is a caricature of San Francisco just as Paris is a themepark on the theme of Paris; that's why both cities are so comfortable; knowable,and popular.

17 June 1997
I'm Dead
Bad news: the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company estimates that there areonly "14,682 beers in your lifetime."

I am a dead man.

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