2008 Notebook: Weak XLI
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9 October 2008
No. 6,763 (cartoon)
You’re a great host.

You’re a tedious parasite.

10 October 2008
Admiring Masterpieces
Carlos dragged me to the Museum of Modern [sic] Art, and I’m glad he did. I didn’t like the exhibit, but I did appreciate a docent’s remark.

“Stop talking!” the guide shouted, “These masterpieces aren’t going to admire themselves!”

I’m sure there’s more one should know about art, but I can’t think what it might be at the moment.

11 October 2008
Still No Cure for Right-handedness
I read that Karl Merk, a German farmer, is the first person in the world to receive a double arm transplant. That’s what the story said, but it was actually two single arms, not a double arm.

The report was also disappointing in that the doctors attached the right and left arms to Merk’s right and left side, respectively. Had they done it the other way around, Edgar Biemer and Christoph Hoehnke might have gone down as the the surgeons who developed a cure for right-handedness.

12 October 2008
Making Stuff Up and Writing It Down
Herbert asked me what I put in this notebook on days when nothing happened. I explained that I make up the name of a fictitious friend then cite some event that never happened. Making stuff up and writing it down.

“Ah, like today then?” asked Herbert.

“Exactly like today,” I agreed.

13 October 2008
Why My Head Doesn’t Explode
Wilma asked me if I was worried after reading a new study suggesting that alcohol shrinks the brain. I explained that not only was I aware of the phenomenon, but I welcomed it. Since I lead such a rich life, my brain is constantly expanding. Were it not for the occasional tipple, my head would explode.

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14 October 2008
Mediocre Circular Photographs
I saw some mediocre photographs today, but they weren’t as mediocre as they might have been since they were circular instead of the usual rectangle. I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon, and am considering cropping some of my less successful work to a variety of different geometric formats.

15 October 2008
You Could Be One of Them
I received a press release from McBride Fine Art extolling the virtues of Mona Breede’s photographs. Her work wasn’t very interesting, but the last sentence in the press release was.

There is not more to be known, but you could be one of them.

Now that’s something to think about, although I’m not sure what.

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