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 Six-Pack Portfolios
(Rainier Ale)


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19 February 1997
Six-Pack Portfolios
(Rainier Ale)
I used to sit around with my late friend and coconspirator Paul drinking too much beer. (It's easy to tell when you've had too much beer: there's no more room for any more beer.) We'd have conversations that defied gravity and reason, flights of brilliance that were always gone without a trace within hours.

The one exception was my idea do make a series of Six-Pack Portfolios. I thought it would be wonderful to photograph the empty crushed beer cans and present the image along with a synopsis of the conversation that accompanied their consumption.

Sadly, my idea was fundamentally flawed. At the end of every six-pack no one felt compelled to provide a transcript of the preceding conversation.

20 February 1997
Commodities Speculation
I went to an exhibition of art work by an old friend. I was very disappointed; he had more or less given up making art to concentrate on making money. His new work consisted of little more than commodities speculation.

I probably shouldn't be so critical. The work was selling well and he appeared to be happy. Drunk and happy. Is there more to art than being happy and inebriated?

21 February 1997
I Miss You Too
A friend told me that a woman I once loved very much (and thus, by personal definition, still do) spent a few hours reading this very public notebook. Her visit in absentia has made me remarkably cheerful.

22 February 1997
Perceptive Bluff
Catherine Millet posits that "Two types of 'progressive' art coexist today, side-by-side, in the same galleries and museums: the kind that has sharpened our perception, visual and otherwise, and that which has blinded us with its bluff." That sounds right, although I can't decide whether she's sharpened my perception or blinded me with her bluff.

23 February 1997
I heard that the French government gave Gioacchino Rossini a pension after two successful productions. He reportedly spent the rest of his life eating truffles and foie gras. I think that neatly sums up the cases for and against government support for the arts.

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24 February 1997
In Retrospect
In retrospect, I can see I shouldn't have made this photograph.

25 February 1997
Walking Floating
I was taking a boring walk on a boring route on a boring day through a boring town when I decided to act. I pretended that my head was a sentient balloon drifting slowly down the street almost two meters off the ground. I got lost and was almost hit by a car; it was fun.

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