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 Mick Jagger 1997
(unpublished photograph)


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12 February 1997
Mick Jagger 1997
(unpublished photograph)
Mick Jagger is lying on the couch in my studio; he may be asleep or just daydreaming. My backup Hasselblad, a half-empty (half-full?) bottle of Scotch, and odd bits of things (drug paraphernalia?) are scattered on the small table in the foreground. My reflection is clearly visible in the mirror.

This is obviously not a press shot; Jagger's willingness to relax at my place clearly indicates he's not here on business. By purposely including evidence hinting at heavy drinking and drug use, I am suggesting that I ignore laws and mores, the same public image strategy that has served Jagger and so many others of our generation so well. The most obvious thing about this photograph is that I am familiar with one of the most famous people in the world.

You may not see it.

13 February 1997
I heard today that Trevor killed himself. How very tragic. I only met him once, over fish and chips and beer; he seemed like a very nice person. It seems so sad that the people who should die early don't and that those that shouldn't do.

Why didn't he take someone who really should be dead with him? That is, of course, a rhetorical question. The last thing on a suicidal person's mind is anyone else. (That's been my experience, at least.)

14 February 1997
Slippery Ideas
I had a great idea in the shower but soon forgot what it was. I wonder how many brilliant ideas have been lost because there's no convenient way to record them underwater?

I suppose that's what St. Valentine's day is really all about.

15 February 1997
Encrypted Message
This text contains a hidden message, encrypted using a new algorithm developed here in my laboratory. It may be deciphered with sufficient computing resources, but the results would not be worth the effort. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

16 February 1997
Tower Magnifique
I think the Eiffel Tower should rotate. It can remain as it is during daylight hours, but at night it would pivot upside down, with searchlights in each of the four legs illuminating the polluted Parisian skies.

17 February 1997
Bill thinks the next big art movement should be called "essentialism." Although I've never liked labeling art, I think essentialism sounds pretty good as names go. I may even use it once or twice just to confuse people; I'll tell them it was formed in the last century when Samuel Butler said "All that is not pertinent in art is impertinent."

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18 February 1997
Room at the Top
The Chief Head Chairman President Ruler of the Transamerica Corporation has his (it always has been a his) office on top of the Transamerica building (aka the Transamerica pyramid) in San Francisco. It's a tiny little office at the apex of the pyramid; the cramped space is barely large enough for one person. Even then, the Chief Head Chairman President Ruler has to lean over his minuscule desk to fit in his executive office.

The great view carries a high price. Since the Chief Head Chairman President Ruler loses all contact with everyone else in the sprawling organization, he's soon deposed in another executive coup.

The business world never ceases to amaze me.

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