2008 Notebook: Weak XXVI
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26 June 2008
No. 6,451 (cartoon)
Where did our love go?

I hated you before we met.

Things were better then.

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27 June 2008
Chilean Dogs
Kids, many of them on stilts, are juggling all over Santiago. In all of my travels, I’ve never seen anyone juggling in public; I wonder why everyone here does? I suppose it’s a creative way of begging.

Also, Santiago is teeming with miserable, homeless dogs. They don’t seem to run in packs; they’re all broken individuals.

I don’t want to know why most of them have no tails, especially since it probably has nothing to do with the jugglers.

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28 June 2008
Nine Santiago Apartment Blocks
I’ve been disappointed by my first trip to South America. I was dropped into a Santiago neighborhood that, except for signs, could have been Denver or Frankfurt or almost any other contemporary city.

Before I arrived, I thought my art piece would be, “Objects Shaped Like Chile.” I walked around for the first day without taking the lens cap off my camera; I don’t think there are any objects that look like Chile, except perhaps a strand of thick pasta that’s smashed at one end.

And so, I photographed my environment and came up with, Nine Santiago Apartment Blocks. I made intentionally tedious photos of the modern condominium towers, then superimposed a silhouette of a couple of distorted maps of Chile. I like the results; the new work is as boring as Santiago.

29 June 2008
Doomed Museums
I read that the Flood Museum in Riverview Park in Fort Madison, Iowa was damaged earlier this month when the Mississippi River burst its banks and levees. And in other recent news, an exhibition of artifacts from the Titanic was flooded at the Carnegie Science Center.

It’s no wonder that there’s no Museum of Fire.

30 June 2008
Hubert said his relationship with Toni is, “complete rubbish.”

I was in the middle of expressing my condolences when Hubert stopped me. He explained that Toni loved to have her back massaged, and after an efficacious backrub she would grant almost any favor or forgive almost any peccadillo.

I was tempted to tell Hubert that rubbish always carries negative associations, but decided to keep my mouth shut. Who am I to stop Hubert from expanding our language?

1 July 2008
No Ideas
Anastasia asked me what “narcolepsy” meant, so I told her that I thought it meant falling asleep immediately in the middle of the day, even in the middle of a sentence.

“Oh, horses do that,” Anastasia said.

“I had no idea that horses used sentences,” I replied.

“You have no idea about most things,” she responded.

“That’s correct,” I replied. “My immense ignorance provides incomparable opportunities for discovery.”

Anastasia looked like she was about to succumb to a narcoleptic attack.

2 July 2008
Fingers or Brains?
I’m in one of those fingers-or-brains situations, and I’m not sure what to do. Fingers learn, the brain doesn’t.

What to do, what to do, what to do ...

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