2004 Notebook: Weak XLIX
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3 December 2004
No. 8,135 (cartoon)
I’ll never let you go.

Masochism becomes you.

4 December 2004
Les Art
Les told me he’s opening a gallery with the eponymic name, Les Art. He’s come up with a great marketing strategy, “Art for people who love art, art for people who hate art.”

Les Art is more. More of what, this I do not know.

5 December 2004
Problematical Choctaw
Sean told told me that the Choctaw language has two past tenses, one for referring to information that is definitely true, and the other for unconfirmed beliefs. Or something like that. I’m glad I speak a language that allows me to mix facts, opinions, and lies with impunity.

6 December 2004
Creative Fabrications
When I asked Randy what he was making these days, he said he was busy making excuses why he wasn’t making art. I admitted that making fabrications about why I wasn’t more productive occupied much of my time as well. We had a miserable conversation without any pretext of aesthetic successes.

7 December 2004
Interesting Numbers
Stuart asked me if I’d heard about the problem with the number one hundred and thirty-seven. He went on to explain that it has something to do with the charge of the electron, the speed of light, and Planck’s constant. (Or something like that; I didn’t take very good notes.) I told him I’ve never had a problem with that number, nor is it of much personal interest.

On the other hand, when Miss Conduct mentioned “eleventy-kerjillion little fly eggs,” I immediately recognized this as a number of personal significance.

8 December 2004
An Inexplicable Semantic Discovery
I just learned about the word concupiscence. That should be one of the most common words in the English language, right up there with the pronouns, so I can’t believe it’s taken me this many decades to discover it.

The word, that is.

9 December 2004
Wh’r I’ll Remember
Marianne’s one of those ephemeral people with whom I correspond without ever seeing. Phantoms appear and phantoms go, but I’ll always remember Marianne because she showed me the contraction for whether, “wh’r.” The contraction is three characters shorter than the original, so this time-saving tool will allow me to be even more indolent than I was before.

Another day, another word, nice!

10 December 2004
Acceptably Disheveled
Persephone didn’t want to go out because she said she was too disheveled. I finally convinced her to join me by persuasively arguing that she looks better when she’s disheveled than most people do when they’re completely heveled.

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