2004 Notebook: Weak XLII
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16 October 2004
No. 3,063 (cartoon)
How can you tell me that you hate me?

In three words.

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17 October 2004
Burritos (Not) Bigger Than a Baby
Linette’s son Julian decided he was ready to leave the womb a few weeks ahead of the usual biological schedule, so out he came. Plop, into the world, and that was that.

I showed up for the unveiling of the little critter with a couple of burritos from one of my favorite taquerias, Burritos Bigger Than a Baby. It turns out that the the burritos weren’t bigger than a baby, not even a premature one.

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18 October 2004
Straightsexyhair Shampoo
I was visiting Astrid when I noticed she had a bottle of straightsexyhair shampoo in her bathroom.

“Astrid,” I said, “why is a nice lesbian like you using straightsexyhair shampoo?”

“Shut up,” she explained.

19 October 2004
No Drum Solos
I was practicing with my band the other day when a studio visitor asked me why we had “Drum solos are never a good idea”painted on the wall.

“You can’t be too careful,” I replied.

20 October 2004
Rosie’s Next Novel
Rosie told me she’s writing another novel. Her creation will, of course, be another book no one’s ever read. I didn’t mention this to Rosie, but one can purchase a very good novel almost no one’s ever read for a dollar or two. Why people bother to create; this makes no sense whatsoever.

21 October 2004
Members of the city council of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, have banned new art galleries from opening. The sleepy city already has some one hundred and twenty so-called art galleries; that’s roughly one gallery for every thirty-four residents. The pretentious venues mostly feature wretched dreck designed to appeal to people with more money than brains.

Even though I loathe mediocre art, I nevertheless think the ban is a bad move. Freedom of speech is almost always a good idea, and even atrocious art has its place in the aestheticsphere. The more horrific art I see, the more I appreciate good work on those rare occasions when I find it.

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