2004 Notebook: Weak XXXIV
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20 August 2004
No. 3,799 (cartoon)
This must end.

It never began.

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21 August 2004
12:00/13:00 20 August 2004
Yesterday I made two photographs of the same subject exactly one hour apart then combined the results into one image. I enjoyed the empty exercise; it smelled like art.

22 August 2004
Beats Me
Wonder or wander? Wander or wonder? Wonder or wander? Wander or wonder?

Beats me.

23 August 2004
Pleasant Whatever
Joe moved to Pleasantville, Pleasanton, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant wherever. It’s one of those places no one ever goes.

24 August 2004
Ocular Denial
For over a year I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that I can’t focus clearly on very small objects. More than one of my learned friends ascribed this condition to aging; I ignored their preposterous remarks. Recently, however, Dr. Wahlberg informed me that inexpensive tests at a local university could identify a variety of sneaky ailments that could blind me.

“You’re an idiot if you don’t take care of your eyes,” he added supportively.

I took his counsel, and had my eyes checked out today. After a thorough examination, the doctor opined that my eyes were healthy. He added that I’d need a cheap pair of reading glasses if I needed to thread needles. Since I don’t sew, I’m looking forward to at least a couple more years of ocular denial.

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25 August 2004
Some dancers asked me to photograph their performance of Hymenoptera, so I did. Because I’m a nice guy. (I pooh-poohed Daniel’s absurd suggestion that I was only there to photograph attractive women in various states of suspension.)

Dance photography may be bifurcated between dance staged for the camera and documentation of performances. I prefer the former, so I’m not particularly pleased with the documentary photographs I made. Life can be that way.

Having said that, I appreciated a brilliant performance.

26 August 2004
Too Happy to Sleep
It’s three in the morning, and I’m too happy to sleep. Why can’t every night be like this?

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27 August 2004
Photo Templates
A photo lab near here offers “Photo Templates.” I appreciated the honest approach to formulaic imagery. It reminds me of what my dear friend Morrie wrote about Richard Avedon’s predictably predictable and repetitiously redundant photographs.

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