2004 Notebook: Weak XXVII
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3 July 2004
No. 138 (cartoon)
You take my breath away.

You weren’t using it.

4 July 2004
Victoria’s Philosophy
“I think too much,” Victoria declared, “therefore I am too much!”

Who could possibly disagree with her?

5 July 2004
Rewarded, Not Lured
When it comes to training dogs, Lori says they should be rewarded, not lured. Lori says there are many parallels between training dogs and life beyond canines, but I’m not so sure.

6 July 2004
An Extraordinary Imagination
I just had an amazing conversation with a brilliant friend of mine. I’m inspired by her hyperactive imagination, untethered from the tedious constraints of reality. I have so much to learn, so far to go.

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7 July 2004
Wireless Notebook
I have a small, portable computer colloquially referred to as a “notebook” computer. It’s a wonderful machine, with a built-in antenna that allows wireless connections to various networks in general and the Internet in particular.

I was explaining the virtues of such a tool to Jeremy, and he pulled out his wireless notebook. His notebook was even smaller and lighter than mine because it was made entirely processed wood particles. Jeremy’s notebook was, in fact, a “real” notebook composed of eighty sheets of paper. (The notebook is accurately decribed as “wireless” because the pages are glued to the notebook’s spine, not bound with a spiral wire.)

8 July 2004
Only Users Lose Drugs
I’m at Shannon’s place, waiting for her to get ready for our hike. I brought food and drinks, which is really all that’s needed for a few hours in the woods. Or so I thought.

Shannon, on the other hand, insists that she must bring some marijuana. I generally don’t care what my friends do or don’t do; their business is their business. I’m starting to get just the slightest bit annoyed, though, since I’ve been waiting almost an hour while she searches for her missing drugs. For some reason, she can’t remember where she hid them.

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