2004 Notebook: Weak III
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16 January 2004
No. 9,771 (cartoon)
You’re a back stabber.

You’re a traitor.

We’re meant to be together.

17 January 2004
Outrageous Publicity
It’s hard to shock anyone these days, but Dror Feiler and Gunilla Skoeld Feiler recently pulled off that increasingly difficult feat. The artists exhibited an installation in Sweden that outraged millions of people and received international publicity.

The piece, Snow White and the Madness of Truth, featured a small model of a boat floating on a sea of red liquid. The boat’s sail had a picture of a serene-looking Palestinian suicide bomber who killed twenty-two people in Israel last October.

Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Zvi Mazel, critiqued the work by trying to destroy it. His vandalism-as-criticism approach resulted in minimum damage to the art and maximum publicity for the artists. (The ignorant bureaucrat didn’t know that the only way to destroy art is to ignore it.)

The Feilers said their installation was meant as a condemnation of terrorism, and I see their point. I wonder if Mazel—who Dror Feiler called “an intellectual dwarf”—would have been happier if the work depicted Israel’s prime minister adrift on a sea of blood?

I think the Feilers’ mistake was to only annoy half their audience when they could have enraged twice as many people by including both Israeli and Palestinian advocates of violence sailing on the same bloody sea.

18 January 2004
The Deadline is the Solution
Nothing has happened so far today, nothing’s going on at the moment, and I see no indication that anything will happen before midnight. It’s hard to write about nothing, so I don’t know how I’m going to fill my pointless quota of writing something every day.

Since nothing happens without a deadline, I resolved not to refill the empty refrigerator with frosty, fun-filled cans of Rainier Ale until I wrote something today. Having documented my decision in writing, I see I’ve serendipitously accomplished my goal.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Asad’s Market I go!

19 January 2004
Better Unseen
Some things should never be seen. I have a photograph of a thing I occasionally view when I’m alone. I’m always tempted to publish it, but doubt I ever will. Some things should never be seen.

20 January 2004
Dead Baby Threat
Sarah and her newborn daughter recently had to cancel their travel plans when the idiots ostensibly providing flight security wouldn’t allow them to board the plane without a certified birth certificate for the baby.

Said morons claimed the infant posed a security threat; one made dark references to “dead babies kept warm with chemicals.” Sarah produced a pungent diaper chock full of recent biological activity and smeared the contents across the guards’ desk.

“Baby shit,” she said. “Think about it.”

Some people, after hearing that anecdote might think Sarah overreacted. Since she never reached for her necklace—a garrote she kept as a memento from her MI5 days—I knew she was, in fact quite restrained. When Sarah gets really furious, heads can roll.

21 January 2004
Pleasantly Unclear
One of my dearest friends just sent me an extraordinarily lovely twelve-word note.

    I miss you more than words can and cannot describe.

That says nothing and it says it all; must be art. As Robert Heinecken observed, “The function of art is not necessarily one of clarity.”

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