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4 November 1996

The End of Time

Today is the end of time. That means I have a lot of loose ends to tie up, including this notebook entry. There's really not a lot else to do, since I've known about the end of the world for some time.

A lot of people think it won't happen, since The End of The World scheduled for 22 October never happened. (As I recall, the day came and went uneventfully.) 22 October was, of course, the date predicted by James Ussher, the former archbishop of Armaugh. (He's "former" because he died 340 years ago.) What the skeptics overlooked, though, was the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Thus the people who think they avoided The End of The World have been living on borrowed time for almost two weeks.

Ussher predicted the world would end in the evening; that gives me at least a few hours. This could be the perfect time--the only time, I suppose--to open that 1985 bottle of St. Èmilion.

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