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26 October 1996

Cult Leaders' Abobe

I while ago I visited a movie star's home. Or, to be precise, one of his homes ... I don't think he spent much time in this one. It was full of nice quirky expensive things, the kind of objects I would expect to find in a movie star's home. (I wonder if that's why he bought them?)

The house also had a sinister atmosphere that ran much deeper than its gothic architecture. The house used to belong to a cult leader who had wired every floor with cameras, sensors, and various recording devices. All the electronic reports fed into a control room lined with monitors, speakers, and row upon row of switches. The entire house could be monitored from a single elaborately-upholstered leather chair.

I was reliably informed that few can resist the lure of the chair. I suppose there a little nascent cult leader in most of us.

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