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7 October 1996

I've Been Had!

I've come to the distressing and possibly libelous conclusion that La Fundación Naciónal Para La Preservación y Desseminación de la Cultura del Burrito is a fraud.

LFNPLPyDdlCdB licenses their "revolutionary" imagery to any manufacturer regardless of ideology or political affiliation. This came to my attention when I bought a container of mediocre salsa that was implicitly endorsed by La Fundación. The trail of the salty watery salsa led to a corporation linked with a number of quite reactionary business enterprises.

And more to the point, my "5,000 commission" wasn't paid in pounds, dollars, or even pesos. Instead, I got 5,000 lira, barely enough for a burrito ... without beer. My week of burritos has come to a disastrous end.

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