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1 October 1996

The Burrito as an Instrument of Revolution

La Fundación Naciónal Para La Preservación y Desseminación de la Cultura del Burrito has commissioned me to create a series of works examining the historically important yet largely unknown role of the burrito as an instrument of revolution. La Fundación's directors are gravely concerned that the burrito's noble past has all but been forgotten.

In the words of one LFNPLPyDdlCdB executive, "The gringos are sissifying the burrito." He cited the example of a "burro" piñata outside a restaurant offering "Mexican Cuisine."

"Something has to be done, Señor Rinehart" he said in a low gravelly voice. "And my compadres and I think you're the right hombre for the job."

He then flashed a gold-tooth smile and winked. How could anyone say no to a gold-tooth smile and a wink?

I suppose I should be at work on the new project now, but instead I'm drinking tequila and meditating on the lucrative--5,000!--new commission. I wonder how long I can live on burritos?

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