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3 June 1996

Ian's Lunch for Breakfast

Ian Breakwell told me that a local restaurant (Mr, [sic] Chef QUICK MEALS) has a fascinating special menu: each day it's the same, yet each day it's different. Something like ...
Pie, chips, peas
Sausage, peas, chips
Eggs, beans, toast
Bacon, eggs, chips
Eggs, chips, beans
... and so on. There's always a slight variation in the cuisine, but the price remains a constant and thrifty pound and a half.

He said he was considering making a piece consisting of three hundred and sixty-five photos of a year's worth of menus. He made it sound like too much work, especially since he prefers a different diet. I was going to plagiarize the idea intact, but it seemed like too much work for me too.

Just when I was worrying that I had become even to lazy to steal a good idea, I saw the same concept illustrated in a single menu at " 'MARKET CAFE' EAT IN OR TAKE AWAY." A fraction of a second later I was done. It's like Mojo Nixon said, "Anyone who's any good steals outright--it's just a matter of inflicting your own personality on the material."

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