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26 May 1996

Perpetual Crises: Baby Milk Scare

Last week it was Mad Cow Disease; this week it's the Baby Milk Scare. I wasn't particularly worried about Mad Cow Disease since I rarely eat meat. (On the other hand, it seems that bits of cow are added to about everything from film to vodka; I'm trying--and succeeding--to remain as ignorant as possible.) Also, a disease that has only killed a few dozen of the tens of millions of cow-eating carnivores seems no more worrisome than the possibility of catching herpes from a toilet seat.

The Baby Milk Scare, however, has me completely confused. What is baby milk used in? Is it blended with cow milk, or just used in delicacies? Since goat cheese is so expensive, I doubt I could afford to eat an unhealthy amount of baby milk cheese.

These are dangerous times.

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