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25 February 1996

Trader José's

The primary ingredient of tonight's dinner is water. That seems appropriate since most of me is water, as is most of the earth or the biosphere or space or the ocean or matter or something. Tonight's dinner was "inspected for wholesomeness " by the U.S. Department of Agriculture P-9259; I assume it passed. Although these hand-crafted enchiladas from Trader José's (apparently a trademark of Trader Joe's) are my biggest meal of the day, they comprise less than a fourth of the recommended daily intake of fat, cholesterol, total carbohydrates and protein.

That's good, I've been putting on a little weight recently.

Tonight's meal looks good in the Vitamin A and Iron department too, so it's quite a bargain at $1.29. The only problem is that these enchiladas provide absolutely no Vitamin C. As a safeguard, I'm drinking a half gallon of thick ale to compensate for any dietary deficiencies.

I feel good.

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