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9 February 1996

A Dark Day for Censors

Most of the U.S. web sites I visited today had black backgrounds to protest some sort of silly Draconian law the president had just signed. I think this latest witch hunt is called "The Communications Decency Act." Viewed from a few thousand miles away, though, this desperate attempt by some xenophobic would-be big brethren seems like a farce reminiscent of the laws their ancestors passed requiring newfangled motor cars to be proceeded into town by a horse.

Since my work doesn't reside on an American server, today my screen is the opposite of black. The only people who should be sad about the "The Communications Decency Act" are the censors. With over a hundred countries on the Internet, the U.S. fascists may never regain control of their cold war creation. It is a delicious irony that the Internet technology designed decades ago to win the world war against totalitarian oppressors is working as intended.

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