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4 February 1996

Composer Balls

The Kralers introduced me to Mozart balls, an overpriced confection consisting of marzipan and praline wrapped in thin layers of light and dark chocolate. Mozart balls' only real worth is their gold foil wrapper with a color portrait of Wolfgang A. in full genius drag. That, and that alone, makes them taste like Austria.

I told my composer friend John Hilliard that one day people would be celebrating his genius by eating Hilliard balls. He didn't like the idea; he said he'd prefer to have a pool hall named after him. It would be called Hilliard's Billiards. If his dream comes true, I wonder if they'll use billiard balls or Hilliard balls?

I prefer billiards to candy. I just had Mozart balls for the first time in over a decade; they're now dome shaped and made in Germany. What's worse, they no longer taste like Austria. Or maybe that's just because I didn't get them from the Kralers.

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