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9 January 1996

Sex and Danger

James Earl Carter amazed the Poles by declaring his lust for Polish people. He said this because his unknowledgeable translator told him that's how to say "warmth in his heart" in Polish.


Jimmy got better local advice before the next leg of his trip brought him to Newcastle. His first words getting off the plane at Newcastle Airport were "Haway the lads!"

"Haway the lads" is a local Geordie phrase used to cheer on the home team, Newcastle United Football Club. The players wear black and white striped jerseys, hence their nickname "Magpies" or "Magpie Rangers." I like "Haway the lads!"--who wouldn't?--but my favorite football chant is:

All my life a Magpie Ranger,
Only live for sex and danger.
Thanks to Jimmy, Atlanta Georgia and Newcastle upon Tyne are "twinned" cities. That part's definitely true, everything else I heard when I was drunk in a pub (although not as drunk as the person who told me).

Haway the lads!

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