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4 January 1996

Three Standard Linear Stoppages

G. B. Carnegie & Co. Ltd. Electrical Engineers' almost barren display windows are located approximately halfway between Novosibirsk and New York. Perhaps the electrical engineers are also minimalist electricians. Who else would devote their entire display window on a busy street to three perfect fluorescent light tubes? Their exhibit is absolutely pure, devoid of text, unsullied by even a single price tag.

G. B. Carnegie & Co. Ltd. has turned its back on decadent New York, though; it faces the frigid Russian town of Novosibirsk. Somewhere in Novosibirsk the electricians' Slavic counterparts also have a shop on a busy street; for decades the opaque word "Products" is all a pedestrian has been able to see.

Once, the electricians also displayed a huge metal electrical connector attached a massive cable as thick as a human calf. The cable, cut cleanly in half to reveal fat strands of copper, provided a rare glimpse into the industrial universe of G. B. Carnegie & Co. Ltd. Despite its solid bulk, the heavy industrial cable did not withstand the test of time. Now, only the three white tubes remain, three timeless elegant standard linear stoppages.

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©1996 David Glenn Rinehart